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Archaeology at Bloomberg


The construction in London of Bloomberg’s European headquarters provided an exciting opportunity for archaeologists to re-examine the site where the Roman temple of Mithras was discovered in the 1950s. Located at the heart of the Roman town and of the medieval and later City of London, the Bloomberg site has a rich heritage, stretching from the first years of Londinium to the present day. The astonishing quantity, range and preservation of the objects recovered from the site make this one of the most significant archaeological project undertaken in London in recent decades.

This collection includes the first two books to come out of the research programme based on the results of the excavations. The Archaeology at Bloomberg book describes the spectacular archaeological discoveries made and tells the fascinating stories of Bloomberg through time and of the temple, now authentically reconstructed on its original site. Roman London's first voices explores Britain’s largest, earliest and most significant collection of Roman waxed writing tablets. The collection, which boasts the first hand-written document known from Britain, was discovered during archaeological excavations for Bloomberg. The formal, official, legal and business aspects of life in the first decades of Londinium are revealed, with appearances from slaves, freedmen, traders, soldiers and the judiciary.

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Archaeology at Bloomberg

MOLA 2017 2019-10-11 Public

Roman London's first voices: Writing tablets from the Bloomberg excavations, 2010-14

Tomlin, Roger S. O. 2016 2019-10-09 Public