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Westwell Leacon, ARC WWL 98



The Museum of London Archaeology Service undertook an archaeological evaluation on the site of Westwell Leacon, to the south-east of Charing and to the north-west of Ashford, between the 11th and the 19th of August 1998. The excavation forms part of five evaluations which were added to the larger programme of archaeological investigations excavated in 1997 along the line of the future Channel Tunnel Rail Link. The aim was to assess the effect of construction of the new railway upon the cultural heritage. Four of the 23 trial trenches contained archaeological features: two features in 3253TT; a possible modern boundary and chalk footing in 3256TT; two ditches/drains in 3257TT; and a large ditch in 3263TT. No dates could be accurately established for the ditches.


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