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Limmo Peninsula (Crossrail XRW10)



Four phases of archaeological excavation (two general watching briefs, an evaluation with two trenches and a targeted watching brief) carried out at the site of Crossrail Limmo Peninsula Shaft by the Museum of London Archaeology (MOLA), between 09/08/10 to 03/12/10. 20th-century made ground (10m OD) on structural remains of 19th-20th-century Thames Ironworks (3.5m OD) , over 19th-century made ground (2.6m OD), overlaying alluvial and natural deposits (0.49mOD). A walkover assessment was carried out on the non-listed built heritage at Instone Wharf, consisting of structures of low historical value associated with its former use as a freight terminal. Mooring posts mounting iron bollards, probably installed during the redevelopment of the site in the 1930s, were recorded, as were paved surfaces associated with railway lines which may date to the 1950s. An evaluation trench and subsequent targeted watching brief at Instone Wharf at the mouth of the Lea, exposed substantial brick walls related to the Thames Iron Works Offices and Workshops along with associated foundations and bases for machinery. Also uncovered were the lower portion of the Mast House and Mould Loft building and the south-easternmost slipway of the Iron Works, separated by a timber revetment.


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